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Games have been broken for Chrome
Posted by: Mukelo, 2017-05-29, 16:39 - 0 comments

Hello fellow gamers,

In some versions of Chrome the games on our site have not showed up at all. 

The problem should now have been fixed. 

!Remember to click to allow Flash content to be able to play a game!

If you encounter any errors, please comment below!
To arcade webmasters and developers!
Posted by: Mukelo, 2015-05-09, 05:59 - 0 comments

Weirdgames.net is constantly being updated with fresh content and we're calling out all arcade webmasters and developers to submit their weird games to our site!

Submission guidelines:

Submit only games which have some kind of weird, strange or funny aspect. We do not consider 'kitten with a hat' or 'Laughing baby' to be funny, weird or strange. However, 'Kitten with a machine gun' or 'baby with a bicycle' could qualify! So please think before submitting - there's no point wasting each others time.
If you cannot find a suitable category for your game, submit it in the 'misc' category. New categories will be added if needed!

Under construction!
Posted by: Mukelo, 2015-05-06, 04:50 - 0 comments

Weirdgames.net is a recently launched website (still under HEAVY CONSTRUCTION!) offering the most weirdest and funniest games on the internet!

As mentioned, the site is still under construction but more weird games will be added on an everyday basis so please check back soon!

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